Friday, February 09, 2007

Wrap-Up: Murdoch on Regan, "24" politics, and libs bash Vanguard

* Rupert Murdoch tells the NY Daily News that the O.J. Simpson book debacle wasn't the reason he axed Judith Regan. Instead, he says Regan "wasn't a team player" and points a finger at the tasteless Mickey Mantle novel that she planned to publish.

* The New Yorker has a lengthy but interesting article about Joel Surnow, the executive producer of "24" and one of the few conservatives in Hollywood. One interesting tidbit: Some Pentagon brass are made squeamish by the show's frequent depiction of torture.

* Liberals wasted little time in attacking after Human Events billed it the conservative answer to MoveOn last month. Both Daily Kos and have gotten into the fray.

* Bloggers and other new media watchers should check out the Web 2.0 Expo being held in San Francisco on April 15-18.

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