Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The final word on Regan

Happy New Year, and best wishes for the start of 2007.

As you know doubt heard, while I was away Judith Regan got the boot (or was it the bloody glove?) from Rupert Murdoch and is now litigating over her dismissal. No doubt her decision to publish a questionable Mickey Mantle novel was also a factor, although the O.J. Simpson stunt had to be NewsCorp's primary reason for this decision.

I predicted this was coming. Regan has published some interesting books over the years, but she went way over the line with her recent acquisitions. If she thought that her role at Regan Books made her untouchable, she was wrong. Every publisher has to answer to someone for what they choose to publish, and in Regan's case she chose very poorly indeed.

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