Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Oscar likes global warming, but not "Smoking"

The Oscar nominations were announced today, and liberals everywhere must be all a-titter. Al Gore is said to be so thrilled over An Inconvenient Truth's best documentary nomination that rumor has it he might actually crack a smile. (The reaction of Gore's penguin army to Happy Feet's nomination was not immediately known.)

Besides the undeserved nominations for the dreadful Babel -- a film that captures the sinful depravity of humanity but fails to offer any vision for redemption -- Oscar also screwed up by overlooking Thank You for Smoking. Produced by my former PayPal colleague David O. Sacks, this was one of the wittiest, most thoughtful, and fun movies of 2006. How it didn't at least get a nod for best adapted screenplay is beyond me...

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