Monday, September 10, 2007

Kathleen Willey manuscript stolen, blames Clinton operatives

As most of you have probably heard, a week ago World Ahead author Kathleen Willey's home was broken into, and the thief stole a copy of her manuscript while leaving electronics and other valuables untouched. The burglary has eerie similarities to the intimidation campaign aimed at Kathleen a decade ago, prompting her to assert that operatives working for Bill and Hillary Clinton were likely behind it.

News of the break-in was first reported by WND reporter Art Moore, and subsequent articles ran in the NY Post, Fox News, Kansas City Star, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, and Richmond Style. The timing of the robbery raised eyebrows, given that it happened just a few days after the book resurfaced in the media (which I blogged last week), including another item in the Post that alluded to "campaign-finance violations."

Earlier today WND ran an update by Moore revealing that David Schippers, the chief counsel for impeachment, was targeted with multiple break-ins of his house in 2000 while he was writing his book, Sellout. While no valuables were taken, the thief nabbed Schippers's manuscript notes, and he believes someone tried to hack into his computer. Shippers also tells Moore that authors Jayna Davis and Gary Aldrich found themselves in similar circumstances.

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