Thursday, August 16, 2007

New publisher of O.J. book revealed

It turns out I actually know the previously secret publisher of the O.J. book! It's Eric Kampmann at Beaufort Books, who appeared on the Today Show and spoke with Publishers Weekly yesterday to explain his decision. Kampmann is also the president for Midpoint Trade Books, the distributor for World Ahead's titles to the retail trade.

While Denise Brown tore into Kampmann on Today and called the book "a manual on murder," my opinion is that this project is now very different than the slimy deal Judith Regan was trying to pull off last year. For one thing, O.J. no longer owns the rights to it and will not financially benefit. For another, Ron Goldman's family is the new owner and they've said they intended to repackage the manuscript in a way that turns it into Simpson's confession. So instead of a PR stunt that puts money into the pocket of a murderer, this book will now use his own words to establish his guilt in the court of history while also benefiting his victims' families.

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