Monday, August 06, 2007

What size is Laurie David's carbon footprint?

Laurie David, who just revealed that she wants to manipulate children with her upcoming kid's book on global warming, has come under scrutiny by David Frum for her enviro-hypocrisy. Frum writes:
It seems almost an iron law: Sexual moralists get hoisted by their own petard.

But there is another form of hypocrisy, very nearly as ubiquitous, about which we hear much less -- and that is the hypocrisy of the celebrity environmentalist...

If environmentalism is to Democratic America what religious morality is to Republican states, there is at least one Laurie David for every Ted Haggard.

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  • So what's your point? Who cares what their motivation is? If they're working to improve the health of our planet... and by extension, of humanity... I don't really care what secret motives are in their heads. And you shouldn't either. Because that's the mentality of a five year-old. If you're genuinely upset about the pollution caused by her plane, well, that's great. You should contact her about that. But if you're just whining about it as an excuse to not do anything for the planet yourself, that doesn't really help us, does it? Should we let humanity die just to prove a point to those celebrities? I think that's called cutting off one's nose to spite one's face. And in any case, she could be devoting her life to shopping... Or to laying around on the beach. But instead she starts work at 5am every day to give everything she's got to spreading the message about helping our environment. If that's a "political agenda," well, then bring on the darn political agendas. I wish we all had political agendas like that. I hope you get one, too. At least it would be more productive than complaining that the one person who is doing the most to save all of our asses, including yours, isn't doing quite enough. What the hell are YOU doing, besides complaining? Laurie's an incredible woman. And that's why I'm asking her to marry me. Who could resist someone who is so passionate about saving our world? Certainly not me. So I have recorded a video of me asking her to marry me. I've posted it online. But it's been a couple of days now and she hasn't gotten back to me. So she obviously hasn't seen it yet. Thus, if anyone knows her, it would be great if you could forward it to her. Thanks so much! Here it is:

    It's also here, if you can't view that:

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