Wednesday, August 01, 2007

CNN interview on political kid's books

Last night CNN aired a segment on political books for kids that included an interview with me. Overall I thought it was a fair piece, although it didn't include all the reasons I outlined for our decision to publish the Kids Ahead imprint.

Politics have long been present in children's books, but in the past decade liberals have flooded the market with a host of titles (e.g. King & King, Rainbow Fish, It's Just a Plant, And Tango Makes Three, Hoot, etc.) that have an uncanny knack for winding up in public schools and libraries. Last year the UN even got into the act with an absurd book on global warming featuring a sea goddess, and Scholastic is gearing up to release a book on this topic by activist Laurie David in September.

Parents with traditional values have responded by seeking books that convey their beliefs, and our imprint was started to address this need. As I articulated in an earlier post, we have opted for a sales and marketing approach that speaks to parents as opposed to targeting kids through public schools and "cause marketing," which seems to be the left's modus operandi. Critics of Kids Ahead denounce our books such as The Sky's Not Falling, our upcoming rebuttal to Scholastic's release, but they overlook how liberal publishers and authors have long aimed their message directly at children.

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