Tuesday, March 13, 2007

OJ's sick book could make a comeback

In an odd twist to a disturbing story, a judge ordered that the rights to OJ Simpson's pseudo-confessional book, If I Did It, be auctioned off. This means that the book that helped topple Judith Regan may indeed hit store shelves some day. (World Ahead won't be bidding.) The move comes at the request of... Fred Goldman?!

"The Goldmans were horrified as to the content, but the real horror was that Simpson was profiting," Goldman's lawyer, David Cook, said. "O.J. is now on the block. On the right hand we get to sell the book, and on the left we get the money."

Cook said Goldman did not necessarily want the book published but had determined that the rights to "If I Did It" were one of Simpson's few "visible assets." The auction could be held within 30 days, Cook said.

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