Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Hollywood hypes Obama -- but can it read Gore?

La-La Land is abuzz about Barack Obama's $1.3 million Hollywood fundraiser last night -- it's getting as much air time on local TV as Britney Spears shaving her head and checking into rehab. Obama certainly must be pleased with how things went. Not only did he rake in a lot of cash, but appearing alongside George Clooney and Babs actually made the guy look intellectual. Plus, he was able to deliver an important message to those in attendance:
He told an audience that included Spielberg, Oscar nominee Eddie Murphy, actress Jennifer Anniston and singer Jackson Browne that they have "enormous power" that comes with "enormous responsibility" because of their impact on American culture.

"Don't sell yourselves short," he said in a 25-minute address. "You are the storytellers of our age."

(As if Hollywood is in need of an ego-boost.)

But the glitterati do more than just raise money for empty suit liberals -- they'll get to read books "written" by one of them, too. PW reports that "Al Gore's eco-alarming book, An Inconvenient Truth, [will be] pre-Oscar party favors for the Hollywood elite."

I'm sure that the Oscar-bound celebs will enjoy reading about greenhouse gases during the one-half block limousine ride from the Renaissance Hotel to the Kodak Theater's red carpet...

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  • The strange thing about An Inconvenient Truth is that Gore spends the whole movie flying in private jets and burning airline fuel. But, overall..., the movie is having a positive influence and getting some true debate started.

    By Blogger Payday, at 12:42 PM  

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