Monday, August 04, 2008

Why tyrants hate free markets

The Club for Growth's Andrew Roth quotes my book, The PayPal Wars, in his blog post today. Roth makes a point that I strongly believe: "Tyrants should be deeply concerned. Capitalism will one day destroy them."

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Interview recounts public school horror stories

FrontPageMag features an interview with Steve Baldwin and Karen Holgate, the authors of our new book From Crayons to Condoms: The Ugly Truth about America's Public Schools. They mentioned one of the many examples documented in the book of what passes for education in today's schools:
We’ve all heard stories about teachers and students not being allowed to pray in schools or bring their Bibles to school. But unfortunately, when it comes to Islam there is a new standard... One teacher reported that while she was substitute teaching she was instructed to leave the classroom for an hour while another school employee came to the classroom to lead the students in their prayers to Allah. Certainly the ACLU would file a lawsuit if a public school led children in prayers to God.

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Stein looks at future of conservative publishing

Harry Stein looks at the "future of conservative books" in an interesting article in the City Journal. He suggests that printing right-of-center books has largely been an experiment for the big NYC publishers, and one that they'll probably drift away from in future years.

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