Friday, October 10, 2008

86% of publishing industry plans to vote for Obama

A survey of professionals in the publishing industry reveals that a whopping 86% of respondents intend to vote for Barack Obama. This is stunning. While Obama has emerged as the undeniable front-runner during this financial crisis, according to Real Clear Politics he averages 49.4% support among likely voters nationwide.



  • So what else is new? Socialism is the guiding philosophy of big government, and Americans are in love with it and cannot think for themselves anymore, though more and more are waking up to the dictatorship now being created right under their noses. As for the slumbering masses, why should they think for themselves when the government will do it for them? Why should they when the news media have created an alternate reality for them to exist in like “the Matrix,” a nice virtual little world of lies and distortions and brain washing, the better to control the idiot masses with. Why should they when their own government appeals to what is basest and lowest in man? Hey, don’t knock it! It got an imposter/Muslim/illegal alien/Manchurian Candidate elected, didn’t it? If it can do that, the sky’s the limit.
    Why should government be anything but big, and GETTING BIGGER? That’s the way those people think. They are hopeless. I’m afraid the only thing that is going to derail this destructive agenda is an out-and-out revolution. There's nothing new about those, either. So many people don't realize that government tends to get more and more powerful as time passes, UNTIL SOMETHING STOPS IT.
    In the same way, a dictator grabs more and more power until something stops HIM. As this all goes on, the government and the dictator alike, get MORE AND MORE DANGEROUS as well, MONSTERS, really, suffering, as they do, from an acute case of megalomania. This all cannot have a pleasant end. On the contrary, forces are building for a MAJOR CONFRONTATION, unless cooler heads prevail. So far, I see no cooler heads, but only hot-headed factions who cannot and will not reconcile themselves to the agenda of the other, and are even now living in what amounts to two different nations with less and less in common, and with more and more angry words for the "disloyal opposition."
    The ship of state cannot move in multiple directions. If the present administration should attempt to lead us on a suicide mission, then…the loyal opposition has the right to rebel.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:04 PM  

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