Tuesday, March 04, 2008

"The campaign of soft jihad"

FrontPage ran an important article yesterday calling out the danger of Islamofascists abusing multiculturalism to bring about "sharia creep" or "soft jihad" into Western institutions. The game plan is that Muslims push for seemingly harmless ad hoc rule changes to accommodate their religious practices at places such as universities, hospitals, and swimming pools. But as Richard Kimble of The New Criterion is quoted as explaining, this tactic is not about tolerance: "Traditional jihad is waged with scimitars and their contemporary equivalents, e.g., stolen Boeing 767s, which make handy instruments of mass homicide. Soft jihad is a quieter affair: it uses and abuses the language and the principles of democratic liberalism not to secure the institutions and attitudes that make freedom possible but, on the contrary, to undermine that freedom and pave the way for self-righteous, theocratic intolerance.”

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  • Thanks for your nice words about my article! Coming from you, that means a great deal.

    By Anonymous Kathy Shaidle, at 4:44 PM  

  • Like Harvard's recent acquiesence to a handful of conervative Muslims students to provide women-only hours at the gym? Women-only staff too during those hours.

    There was no widepread desire or demand for women-only gym time. This was a calculated move by a Muslim student group that is - like most Muslim student groups - led by fundamentalists. A Muslim gentleman I know calls it "stealth jihad."

    By Anonymous kelly, at 6:44 AM  

  • We must push back against his sort of thing.

    Recently, flying from D.C. to Florida a Muslim woman in front of me went through security without removing a thread.

    My turn came and the TSA kid said I had to take off my jacket. Quietly I said "She didn't" pointing at the Muslim woman whoi just went through.

    He repeated his order, I repeated my sentence and added that to aske me to disrobe and to let her go was religious discrimination. He called a supervisor--a woman-- who looked me in the eye for 10 seconds and waved me on.

    Just push back--nicely, quietly, but firmly.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:58 AM  

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