Monday, July 16, 2007

Black and white but not read all over

Newspapers are an insignificant source of news for young Americans, according to a new report. Some of the highlights include:

The findings showed that while 35% of "older adults," those 31 and older, read a newspaper everyday, just 16% of "young adults," who were between 18 and 30, did so...

The Internet, however, did not seem to be stealing most youngsters from print, with just 32% of teens saying they went to the Web to "seek out news," compared to 46% of young adults and some 55% of older adults...

Television was the majority first source across all ages, with 62% of older adults citing it, 47% of young adults, and 41% of teens.

Finally, let me call attention to this statistic from the story: "Interestingly, after television, most teens, 28%, said they had first heard about a major story from another person." Given the importance that blogs, text messaging, and social networking now plays (especially for Gen Y and today's high schoolers), this finding doesn't surprise me at all.



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