Monday, June 25, 2007

DiFi joins Fairness Doctrine 2.0 supporters

Yesterday on "Fox News Sunday" Sen. Dianne Feinstein confessed she was also leaning toward support of the Fairness Doctrine as a means of controlling talk radio:

Asked if she would revive the fairness doctrine, which used to require broadcasters to present competing sides of controversial issues, Feinstein said she was "looking at it."

"I remember when there was a fairness doctrine," she said, "and I think there was much more serious correct reporting to people."

As I discussed last week, DiFi's esteemed colleagues Clinton, Boxer, and Lott have all voiced support for censorship of political content on talk radio. Feinstein admits that she views censorship as possibly necessary given opposition to the Senate's grand compromise on illegal immigration -- or, to be more blunt, to address the audacity that some Americans are displaying by daring to have a viewpoint that conflicts with the august body of which she is a member.

Lott, for his part, seems to be backing away from his prior statements in support of the Fairness Doctrine's return. WND quotes him making this muddled statement: "I've been defended by talk radio many times and I will support their right to tell their side of the story, right, left or the middle, forever. I don't think this Fairness Doctrine that would try to require that there be X amount on both sides is fair. So you know, it's caused quite a stir, but, you know, it goes with the territory."

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