Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Letters from liberal fans

Last Friday's L.A. Times article and Hardball appearance generated a lot of fan mail from some of liberalism's finest, and I even had some encouraging voicemails waiting for me when I got back into the office on Monday. Here are a couple that came in over World Ahead's website:

"I saw you on MSNBC tonight with Chris Matthews talking about your book 'Help Mommie, there is a liberal under my bed'. Listen you little ****-*** right-wingnut panty-waste. Go get a job and do something useful with you life. Nice haircut. I guess you have taken it up the *** more than a few times! DROP DEAD you ***** ******!!!!! " -- Robert Dodelin, Progressive, Anti-War, Republican hating liberal from the North East

(Note: the book's correct title is Help! Mom! There are Liberals Under My Bed!)

"I saw your interview with Chris Matthews. Aside from looking like you're 12 years old in that little buzz cut of yours, you come across as a little snot-nosed brat. You have a lot to learn about what the Republican party has done to this country. Seeing your picture with that moron Zell Miller on the home page of your website confirms that for me." -- Joel Hammer

Aside from wondering what this sudden obsession by liberals with my hair is all about, I really don't feel a need to respond; these letters speak for themselves. The hatred and malevolence they convey is plain enough, and unfortunately it's increasingly common for the Angry Left. I'll forego any lectures, but I will post that picture of me with former Senator Zell Miller that Joel seems to like so much:

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