Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Heroes in the face of evil

James Taranto's daily column highlights a pair of Virginia Tech-related items that need to be shared:

First, a Jerusalem Post article that details the heroic actions of an Israeli professor killed in yesterday's attack. The 76-year-old Holocaust survivor threw himself between the shooter and his students as the murderer attempted to enter his classroom, buying a few precious seconds so that all of his students could escape out the windows. Taranto notes that Prof. Liviu Librescu perished as a hero on Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Second, an archived column that recounts how armed students at another school in Virginia were able to subdue a rampaging gunman in 2002. After killing 3 people at the private Appalachian School of Law, the rampaging murderer was confronted by a handgun-wielding peer and subdued with the help of other students. Liberals using the Tech tragedy to advocate gun control would do well to consider this example.

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