Thursday, October 12, 2006

Political censorship at YouTube?

YouTube's acquisition by Google has raised its profile, and in the process drawn additional scrutiny about possible editorial bias. Google's well-known left-wing slant is one reason for this, but much of the concern is based on YouTube's own actions.

WorldNetDaily has an article today on YouTube's decision to limit access to the hilarious Madeline Albright political ad by David Zucker. Earlier this week, Tom Zeller wrote on an op-ed titled "A Slippery Slope of Censorship at YouTube" discussing their decision to remove a video by Michelle Malkin. All of this has prompted Robert Cox at the Washington Examiner to ask if conservatives are abandoning Web 2.0.

Given that the YouTube founders are acquaintances, I hope the incidents above are isolated -- i.e. the result of netroot flames posted against conservative videos that in turn triggered reviews by clueless customer service people. If I hear further word on this I will share it.

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