Tuesday, August 08, 2006

More editorial bias in the trades (part 2)

The Book Standard is at it again. The BS headlined today's Retail Report with an article by Kimberly Maul entitled "The Scariest People In Prison? Republicans, Says Ex-Con Doper Author Tommy Chong." This headline comes from a single sentence in the interview, and it's a claim that the 60s stoner doesn't even bother to illustrate with an example. So obviously the only logical thing for The BS to do was to turn it into a lead headline.

P.S. From the sounds of it, I'd say that this hippie had purely capitalistic motivations for penning what's sure-to-be a critically hailed tome:

The BS: Was your goal for writing The I Chong to tell your side of the story of your arrest?
TC: I really had no goal. My goal, really, was to get a book. ...
The BS: Do you think you'll write another book?
TC: Oh, absolutely. I don't know what it will be yet; I'll wait until the muse tells me.



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