Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Conglomerate publishers embrace religion (sort of)

Blame it on Rick Warren, the Chronicles of Narnia, or the gradual realization that Red States aren't just "fly-over country" -- Christian publishing is a hot sector in this industry. Even the left-leaning NYC publishing conglomerates are getting in on the act.

Publishers Weekly reports that Random House is buying Multnomah Publishers, "the Oregon-based evangelical Christian house." Simon & Schuster is launching a new "mini-imprint" called Touchstone Faith. And Warner Book Group announced a couple of weeks ago that they're retooling Warner Faith imprint, renaming it FaithWords and inking bestselling pastor Paula White to a deal.

Of course, a leopard can only change its spots so much. PW also just ran an article claiming that "Fall books bring evidence of a backlash against faith." Included on that list is "Michel Onfray's Atheist Manifesto (Jan. 2007), which accuses Judaism, Islam and Christianity of a multitude of sins against humanity."



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