Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Forget Kryptonite: "Help Mom" Takes on Superman

Katharine DeBrecht, author of Help! Mom! Hollywood's in My Hamper, raises some interesting questions about the new Superman movie. According to published reviews (the movie is not yet in theaters), "Superman Returns" features Lois Lane with a 5-year-old son -- an out-of-wedlock child who may or may not be Superman's.

While there's nothing wrong with "updating" a classic character, and I don't object to a movie intended for grown-ups having adult themes in it, Katharine makes a great point here. Much of the marketing of this movie is directed at children, and there is a ton of product tie-ins aimed at the elementary school set. (Walk down the cereal aisle at a grocery store and you'll see what I mean.) Like many recent action hits -- such as Spiderman and the Star Wars prequels -- this film is clearly intended to appeal to adults and kids alike.

Given the inherent appeal that Superman has on kids, the movie probably should've avoided this plotline. With a great actor like Kevin Spacey taking over Gene Hackman's famous role as Lex Luthor, and a talented director like Bryan Singer at the helm, surely they could've made a good movie without adding this extra baggage -- baggage that is sure to make parents everywhere squirm when their kids ask why the Man of Steel is a daddy but isn't married to mommy Lois. And if Superman does something, doesn't that mean it's OK?

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